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Garth Torvestad
Associate Director

Garth Torvestad has over 10 years of experience leading complex energy efficiency projects for both public and private sector clients.  He’s worked with nearly every facet of California’s Residential Title 24 Standards, including code research and development, rulemaking and adoption, compliance software and energy modeling, field verification, and above-code incentive program.  Garth’s projects have included close collaboration with the CEC, building product manufacturers, trade associations, utilities, land developers, and homebuilders.  He has designed and implemented multidisciplinary studies ranging from market surveys to detailed analysis of electricity, water, temperature, and humidity data.  Over a four-year period, Garth formed a successful public-private partnership and leveraged grant funding to build and study California’s two largest ZNE communities.  Garth’s early research work has been used to support Title 24 CASE proposals—and his model of GHG emissions from ZNE buildings was a key component of a landmark CEQA settlement in California’s Supreme Court.  

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