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Kyle Garske

Kyle Garske is an experienced mechanical engineer and sustainability consultant with over 7 years of expertise in design engineering, building performance, and data analysis. For the first 5 years of Kyle’s career, he served as a mechanical engineer for PAE Consulting Engineers in Portland, Oregon. At PAE, Kyle designed HVAC and plumbing systems for large commercial buildings such as hospitals, educational facilities, and offices. He also modeled the energy performance of buildings using software such as eQuest and IESVE to determine the energy efficiency of various proposed designs and compare them against the code minimum requirements. Using the findings from his research, Kyle also assisted in certifying buildings with LEED. Kyle also sought to improve the health of those around him, leading PAE’s internal Healthy Buildings committee. The Healthy Buildings committee researched occupant air quality and thermal comfort to determine how to support his coworkers. Based on this research, major office design changes were implemented in the PAE office to ensure that employee comfort was optimized.


At Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI), Kyle became a full-time building performance consultant and energy modeler. During his time at AEI, Kyle gained experience with Title 24 code requirements for commercial buildings and led projects through the certification process with his energy models, specifically buildings that were pursuing all-electric designs. Kyle also gained experience as a project manager, leading a team of building performance consultants. Kyle brings his engineering expertise and building mechanical system design knowledge to 2050 Partners; he excels at providing technical insight into HVAC design, code compliance, and building energy performance.

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