Multifamily Air Sealing Study



As part of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) efforts to support California’s energy and climate goals, the PG&E Code Readiness program is searching for multifamily buildings to participate in a research study on actual air-leakage rates of these building types. On behalf of the Code Readiness Program, AEA and 2050 Partners staff are reaching out to the building design community to find potential project sites for this research.


Performance-based compliance with the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24 Part 6) for multifamily buildings requires completion of an energy model. Very little data is available for average rates of air leakage in California buildings, so rates of air leakage in the model are based largely on assumptions, and unlike single family construction, no compliance credit is available for multifamily buildings that reduce air leakage.  This study will provide data to improve those assumptions and explore opportunities to provide compliance credit for buildings that exceed baseline assumptions for compartmentalization and/or exterior envelope leakage.


We are seeking multifamily new construction or gut rehab projects that are due to complete construction by the end of 2022 or very early 2023. We are currently seeking low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise multifamily buildings anywhere in California. The benefits to the building owner/manager include a summary of blower door diagnostic test results (both compartmentalization and guarded leakage to exterior) completed by the research team. We also offer a modest stipend to recognize the time and contributions from building owners and managers (or other team members).

To participate, the site must be willing to:


  1. Share site available construction documents and information such as, building envelope designs, construction schematics or plans, mechanical ventilation system design and installation details, insulation, firestopping, and air-sealing specifics, Title 24 performance report and compliance forms, and applicable HERS diagnostic testing results. 

  2. Provide site access on at least two occasions and will be present during each site visit. These site visits shall include.

    • An initial pre-test site visit to collect building characteristics and perform visual inspections.

    • At least two (2) site visits on sequential or non-sequential days to perform diagnostic testing at the site using blower door equipment during which the participant will enable the research team to control access to the site for up to twelve (12) consecutive hours each day.


Do you know of any projects that may be good candidates for this study? Or do you know of others that may help us identify candidate sites?


We are offering a $250 finder’s fee for each project enrolled in the program. The finder’s fee will be paid after the participation agreement is signed by the referred contact. 


We very much appreciate any help you can provide in identifying sites or contacts. Please contact either one of the 2050 Partners or AEA staff members listed below for more information or to share a potential project.


Maya Gantley at or 510-826-3060

Sheetal Chitnis at or 510-270-2375 


Thank you!