Emma Pang

October 27, 2023

Emma Pang is a multifaceted professional with a passion for data analysis and operational excellence, with a track record in marketing, sales, and operations. Her background includes roles in marketing and communications, leveraging data-driven strategies to elevate brand visibility, and ensuring data quality for high-profile clients. Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, supplemented […]

Decker Ringo

July 9, 2023

Decker Ringo has over twelve years of consulting experience, with a focus on building decarbonization and appliance efficiency standards. He has tackled the challenge of GHG emissions reduction at several levels of granularity, leading studies that have examined interventions at the building scale, the program scale, and the whole economy scale. At the building scale, […]

Debra Brunk

For over 20 years, Debra Brunk has leveraged her engineering, statistical, and process improvement skills to solve complex problems in Energy, Sustainability, and Healthcare. She is an experienced leader who successfully builds consensus with both internal and external stakeholders. Her strengths include creating, launching, and managing complex new initiatives, programs, and products, while establishing and […]

Fawn Brooks

Fawn Brooks has over a decade of experience and responsibility in utility consulting and climate change research. She is experienced in leveraging data to improve efficiencies, develop strategies, and drive process improvements. Fawn’s educational background is in climate change and hydrology focusing on statistical and spatial analysis. She is adaptive, flexible, and able to learn, […]

Jay Yang

February 9, 2023

Jay Yang possesses over 20 years of industry experience in system design, manufacturing, testing, and product management. He has led diverse teams to complete tasks in a wide variety of technological fields including wireless communications, broadband network, and Internet of Thing. Since joining 2050 Partners, Jay has been managing and collaborating with industry stakeholders in […]

Elise Wall

Elise Wall has spent over a decade professionally embracing the four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and #RStats. At 2050 Partners, Elise supports utilities and government agencies by researching modeling methods for the electrical grid (BUGMAP), collaborating on data analyses for building and appliance standards (cooktops, water heaters, and pipe sizing), and serving as the founding […]

Garth Torvestad

Garth Torvestad has over 15 years of experience leading research projects and programs to inform land-use, energy, and climate policy. Garth leverages methods ranging from energy modeling to market surveys to develop data to inform sound policy, especially California’s Title 24, Part 6 Standards. Over the course of his career, he has principally focused on […]

Shilpa Surana

Shilpa Surana has more than a decade of experience ranging from sustainability consulting to modeling high performance and net zero buildings. She leverages her consulting and energy modeling experience in advancing building codes and appliance standards at state and national levels. She is a voting member of the 2024 IECC Residential Economics, Modeling and Whole […]

Coleman Stivers

Coleman Stivers, a skilled Project Management Professional (PMP), has a track record of leading successful projects using both waterfall and agile methodologies. With experience in operations, research, product development, product commercialization, process development, and construction, Coleman has delivered exceptional results. Notable projects he has led include developing new energy efficiency measures, inspecting hundreds of miles […]

Jeff Staller

Jeff Staller is an experienced energy management professional with over twenty years of varied experience and responsibility in consulting and research in energy efficiency and utility programs. He strives to apply a balance of subject matter expertise and technical skills, with project management experience to provide actionable advice to clients and customers. He has extensive […]